Thank you for your interest to know your loved ones hidden potentials.

Universal Character Archetype (UCA) represents an individual’s life purpose, core values and the trait construct woven into your
character. The UCA reveals and represents the frequency of energy that influences and governs the ways you interact with the people around and the environment you are in. Having knowledge of your UCA will give utmost clarity of your behaviour and thought patterns.

Together with the awareness of your weaknesses and strengths, you will have the power to predict the outcomes of your actions
and decisions. When empowered with a greater sense of self-awareness, you will be in a better position to consciously focus your energy and fulfil your potentials in the most desirable and productive manner.

Please pay the sum of S$49.00 for the Universal Character Archetype e-report of your children. Please make sure that you answer all the questions naturally about your children, without too much thinking, as the first answer that comes to your mind is always the right one in most cases. You are required to enter your email correctly as the e-report will be sent to your email. In addition, please input the other information requested on the Questionnaire so that your data is included in our big data base for analytic purposes, which will help make our assessment more and more accurate, as we are utilising machine learning to analyse the big amount of data.

Should you require a more comprehensive report of your loved ones’ character traits, strengths, weaknesses, learning preferences, academic/career pathways, health, wealth and hidden potentials, please email us at


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After payment has been made, please send a copy of your Payment Advice to for verification. A link will be sent to your email to complete the Assessment.