New technologies are being increasingly embraced by the global labour market. The balance between tasks completed by humans and machines and algorithms could be upset as a result of new technology that makes it simpler for businesses to automate routine tasks. We must think about the effects using this new technology will have on our society and workforce as it becomes more widely used.

The use of new technology has led to the emergence of new, unheard-of job titles over the past twenty years while also causing some roles to vanish. For instance, the number of physical travel agents has drastically decreased due to the growth of online flight comparison sites, and switchboard operators are no longer necessary due to advances in mobile technology. On the other hand, new professions like data scientists, social media marketers, and app developers have also been created as a result of technological advancements. It’s almost 100% certain that in the next 3 years or less, more traditional jobs will disappear and new job roles will emerge.

So, how will these changes affect your future employment and standard of living if you do not have someone to guide you in your career path?

The concept of the “iron-rice-bowl” has vanished over twenty years ago! Now, you have to look after your own career development. Yes, some of you maybe able to, or lucky enough, to find the right careers in their lifetime. What about the rest? Wouldn’t it be better to engage a Career Coach who can guide you on your career path? For some, you might want to be the king-maker instead of the king. Why not, become a Career Coach and help others in their career pathway?

This course is most suited for HR personnel who wants to upgrade themselves and be able to recruit, retrain and retain the right person for the right job. This, incidentally is the top goal for all HR personnel.

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