About Us

CareerCoach Academy provides personalized guidance to navigate the career journey by empowering individuals to discover about themselves, grow real-world skills, and build their career path, all in one place.

Our profiling methodology is able to identify the characters, personalities, behaviour, and life patterns which are in line with multiple well-known profiling tools such as DISC, NLP, Enneagram, MBTI, OCEAN 5 and EQ/IQ Profiling.

Our 9 Universal Character Archetypes is an evidence-based framework that can clearly identify unique character strengths and weaknesses of any individual, regardless of age, gender, culture, or nationality. Moreover, it maps the predictable success and pitfalls in many areas of one’s life with high statistical accuracy.

Unlike stand-alone labour market insights or skill-focused solutions, CareerCoach Academy is a unique employability solution designed to help people discover their goals, interests, and skills using big data science analytics algorithm.

With a personalized experience, an individual can get inspired by different career options, and embark on the right academic pathways. Education institutions will be able to gain insight into the skills and career goals students have, as well as job market trends to drive curriculum, programs, and services to support student success.